7 Powerful Side Hustles Most People Have Never Tried.

7 Powerful Side Hustles Revealed

With these 7 powerful side hustles that very few have tried, it would only take a bit of practice to help you quit your job. You CAN earn money from each of these side hustles. One source of income feels like a slow death! Not promoting Side Hustle culture, but the word Side Hustle is simply a label that humans overthink.

If you've ever sold anything just one time, then you have dabbled with Side Hustles. Many of you have misconceptions about Side Hustles & Multiple Income Streams, which keep you living in the dark ages.

Here are some unconventional Side Hustles as ideas in which you can play. Now, keep an open mind and willingness to experiment – both in life and changing skills.

More In depth View Of 7 Powerful Side Hustles.

#1. Pick-up-and-move Content Creation, part of the 7 Powerful Side Hustles. BitClout is a new type of Social Media Platform that companies don't control, FINALLY! It appears to be the future of Social Media and will stop the control of these Social Media Companies dictating whether our posts stay up or down. This concept will give creators enormous power.

There is already a decentralized Instagram, and a clone of YouTube is likely to be next. These new social networks are all about YOU and building an audience YOU own, and YOU can trust will be there.

#2. Unprofessional Journalism from the Couch. A friend had cancer and had written about it for a national publication. The publication made a killing off the postings; I think it was well over 4 million views. But, unfortunately, the friend with cancer only received $150 per post.

After this, she took a different path and joined a company called News Break, an App for News. Wannabes & Professional Journalists like my friend do what they do best; they report the news from their view. I've learned you can make a very lucrative income doing this.

#3. Blog post as an odd type of email. Newsletters are old and ruin people's lives, and all they do is fill up inboxes. A company I heard about called SubStack is where I learned to get emails into inboxes.

It's an easy to share, built-in call-to-action button that increases the chance of sharing the newsletter or email. They hyper-focus on reading the article, then subscribing & then sharing the article with others. This way, your article goes out to people who aren't even on your email listing, and you have a chance to grow that much faster.

The email turned Social. You can send your blogs out as emails for free or even charge for them once you have enough readers. However, once you make excellent money from this service, you will want to turn to a service named “Ghost,” which will migrate you for free to a cheaper platform, thus saving you a lot of money.

Even More In depth View Of 7 Powerful Side Hustles.

#4. Become a High-End phone talker, another part of the 7 Powerful Side Hustles. Talking on the phone is easy. Higher-priced products sold online require a human to speak with to complete the sale. So really need to find an audience & products to market, and you've got a work-from-home job.

You will first want to create a Google form for their product or service. Then, send an audience the form asking questions about the problems the product solves. Tell the product owner you're going to reach out to people and decide if it is a product that can help people.

In handling it this way, YOU stay in control of the traffic and not the company, so they aren't making a lot of free leads from you paying you nothing in return. Instead, you make money by negotiating a % of each purchase made by you. This system is like creating your affiliate marketing program for yourself, but you still don't own the product.

#5. Become a ghostwriter behind the scenes. For example, a writer, name unknown, writes for a Fortune 500 company on LinkedIn. He finds his clients using the following strategy:

Write 2 – 3 long-form articles per week and put them where eyeballs are and will be spotted.

Make the writing high-quality & compelling.

Launch a simple website that has ghostwriting as one of your services.

The ghostwriter updates his LinkedIn & other social media profiles to state that he offers ghostwriting as a service.

The ghostwriter also makes his email highly visible

Now, this ghostwriter makes it a point to wow's every client he gets, which leads to many more clients because he has to give clients away to others. The best ghostwriting prospects come from LinkedIn.

Way More In depth View Of 7 Powerful Side Hustles.

#6. Look in the Mirror. Writers can create an article or content piece that can become what they call an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) using a platform called Mirror.XYZ. This is a very powerful part of the 7 Powerful Side Hustles. It is simply a token of your writing that makes it tradable, like Pokémon cards. Once your written article is in an NFT, you can sell it like a piece of artwork & collect money for it, over and over again.

#7. Short-form tweet hustling. This system is where you are using Tweeter for money.

Tweet with purpose. Build upon each Tweet. Keep the tweets short, sharp, and quick to write.

When you have a thread that does well, then set the second Tweet up with a link to an Opt-In Page or Funnel offering a free e-book or something of Value. Now you start building an email list to sell items within your niche to make life better for them.

Many creators use the online software called Gumroad to make money from a situation like this. There is direct and indirect monetization from the content you put out in multiple ways. Practicing any of these Side Hustles for just a few months will make you very comfortable with it, and you could quickly leave your job.

When Starting A Side Hustle Business Online.

When starting your business online, the most crucial factor determining your success or failure is your ability to market yourself differently.  Just as I did before starting my career online, I took the time to invest in myself first and thus highly suggest this Digital Marketing course.

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I will be happy to help you reach the goals you set for yourself by mentoring you free of charge.  As I said, the point isn’t to get a sell; the point is to see that you have the type of training you need to succeed in the Digital Marketing world today.

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