What You Can do to be Remote Friendly

Here, the goal is to keep everyone aware of what you're doing.

Make clear to everyone whether you're available for chatting / questions or not. Slack, for instance, has a great status feature where you can easily describe what you're doing at the moment. But just to be clear, try not to annoy anyone in the process. Not everyone needs to know RIGHT ON THE SPOT that you're having lunch.

Having a routine can also help your teammates to be aware that they can or can't count on you for something at the moment.

With that in mind, remember that people have their work to do and they usually can't reply instantaneously.

Also, giving as many details as possible is always a nice thing to have. It'll prevent your teammates to have to ask you from something that was not clear and enable them to work more independently (if they work on a different time schedule than you, for example). Writing more, providing links, examples and related information will take you a little more time, but can prevent much more time waste in the future.

Take Care of Your Health

As I mentioned earlier, home office can be very tricky in terms of productivity.

Be sure to have a clear division between work and free time. When your workday is over, closing your chats, email client and any other thing that reminds you of work can help with this. Some may take this to a next level, having a specific spot in their house just for working. Having different desktop areas can also help.

Snoozing notifications is also a great thing to do. It's hard to forget about work when you're constantly being reminded that something is happening there.

This is the type of issue that can, with time, lead to burnout and sometimes leave serious scars on one's mental health. But hey, this is something that already happens even with non-remote workers!

  • Remote work can be a good opportunity if one can't stand commuting or the place you live doesn't match your career goals

  • But has its challenges, specially regarding organization and trust

  • A team has to make good use of the means of communication available, always allowing people to have time to do their work uninterrupted

  • An individual must keep people aware of what they're doing and remember that their teammates also have work to do it

  • And always remember to keep work and free time very apart.

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