ExactMetrics Analytics App for WordPress

Analytics In Your Website... Amazing

The most comprehensive plugin for Google Analytics on WordPress, ExactMetrics offers an extensive range of features to help you increase your website traffic and conversion rates.
With one click integration with popular plugins like AddToAny or Conversions; seamless tracking integrations that allow users easy access from within the dashboard rather than having them visit individual pages, as well as being able to track everything in real time – this is what makes it so powerful!
ExactMetrics has been the go-to plugin for WordPress analytics needs since it was first released back in 2011.
Its advanced features combined with seamless integration make this our top recommendation on sites of all sizes, from Startups to large corporations!
1.  Most Accurate Tracking
2.  Easy Analytics Dashboard
3.  Real-time Stats
4.  eCommerce Tracking
5.  Page Level Insights
6.  Affiliate Ad Tracking
7.  GDPR / CCPA Compliant
8.  Custom Dimensions
9.  Performance + Optimize

By Allen

Born in Spartanburg, SC, moved to GA for a while as a little kid. Once around 8, my family moved to Kings Mountain, NC, then to Shelby, NC where I graduated and left for the Marine Corps. After getting out I lived in the Greer, Greenville, SC area for 20+ years. I began copywriting and building websites for larger companies and gave it a break. I've been back involved with my business now for the last 10 years, working to stay up on my knowledge of the internet and how fast it was changing. Furthermore, I'm skilled at many things in the Digital Marketing area but love Social Media Management & Blogging/Copywriting.

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