Content Mapping (by viewing the journey your customer’s take)

You might be asking, how does content drive traffic and new clients?

Now that's a tough question. The best way to explain it is through the customer's eyes.

When someone new comes to your website or social media site, there's not a chance usually that they will buy on the 1st visit.

I mean, after all, they don't know you yet.

Would you do a search for “pants” and purchase the first pair that pops up? More than likely you wouldn’t.

Visitors purchase in logical manners, they tend to travel a journey from becoming aware to then making a decision. HubSpot has named this the buyer’s journey.

Content Mapping (by viewing the journey your customer’s take) 2

Visitors move in steps where they become aware of their uncomforts or problems, then they assess a solutions, and at that point, then they come up with a decision to solve this uncomfort or problem.

What this means is that your content has to line up very close to what your visitor desires or needs to see. If your website comes up requiring personal information at awareness step, you are just going to scare them off and not see them return.

Those visitors just don’t know your name yet, so can you blame them for not wanting to give you their information yet? No trust or credibility has been developed yet. The customer relationship just isn’t there as of yet.

Now, asking for their information during the consideration step is the right timing and smart thinking. Your visitors have become brand aware and now desire rich content.

Designing your content to follow the customer's journey is really about aligning your content efforts with each step they take.

Content Mapping (by viewing the journey your customer’s take) 3

Stage 1, the visitor knows they have a problem and it needs to be fixed. Here would be the perfect time for an infographic or video so that you could catch their attention and perk their interest.

Stage 2, the visitor is thinking about their options. As these visitors continue down the funnel the content becomes better to them.

Posts are good for creating awareness, but usually they won't cause a visitor to purchase anything from you. They really are only used to pull visitors to your website.

Given a little time with your visitors, you can guide them towards a sales funnel to get their name & email and start promoting your products or services.

Always remember to map your content to the buyer’s journey. Below is a list of content ideas to use for the different stages of the funnel chart above.

Content Mapping (by viewing the journey your customer’s take) 4

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