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Social Media is where a lot of your traffic can come from, if you learn to manage each platform correctly. The Social Media put all together alone is huge and still growing out of control.

Even though you haven't heard of most of these platforms, there are so many more out now days that you would lose count.

The Social Media Platforms really need individual step by step training, and I am going to get to that at some point, but for now, you are best YouTubing information about each one separately.

I will tell you this much. At current moment TikTok is the most viral platform there is on the web.

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It's been stated that, “Content is king, but context is god.” What is meant by this is that you really need to honor the context of individual platforms, or you will totally lose all your efforts put into them. Each platform is totally different than the other, different rules and policies and ways of grabbing people's attention.

No one reads long content on Facebook. That’s what video's, podcast, blogs and other types of content are for. (Ex: YouTube)

Twitter’s video platform, was popular for a little bit, but many of the people that used it, didn't understand how to build a following on it and this was mainly because they were creating the wrong type content for it.

Typically, as we find with TikTok, you only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention before they move on to the next video. This alone could be another training I will have to look into soon and post.

There were only 2 types of accounts that had the ability to do this consistently with Twitters video platform, and those were – Musicians and Comedians.

Take a strong look at the top list of Viners (Twitters Video Platform), and you'll notice that 99% were Comedians doing short funny video's.

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Instead of just looking at social media as a way of putting your content out only, try telling stories with your content that match up with the context of that certain platform.

Here I want to give you a few links that can help you out on the social media platforms below.

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Finally, I want to thank you for taking your time today to read my post, Allen.

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