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Pay-per-click Advertising, or short – PPC, is what the name states. You pay for each click on your ads you've created.

You'll notice an extremely close likeness in PPC & SEM, but PPC is only a type of online advertising. SEM is more of a blanket term for the different kinds of activities used to improve finding a certain website in a search engine.

Note that Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram all have PPC advertising.

But the most used social platforms for PPC advertising are Google AdWords & Facebook.

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With Facebook, you make an ad that is just like a status update.

After that, you pick your specific audience and all the specifics to target this audience with.

Once done, you pick a cost based on how much you’re going to pay per click on this ad.

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Then Facebook will show your ad to your target audience, that you set the specs for, in their news feeds or in the sidebar of the social site.

Finally, when visitors click on your ad, Facebook will send them to that certain page that you left the backlink to in your post. This can be any URL you define.

By doing things this way, you get visitors to hopefully purchase your products that you are promoting or read your content. You could do a number of things here, such as have them sign up for a webinar, or input their name & email in an opt-in page, then send them on to a video to promote something special.

One great thing about PPC is that it integrates so easily into the content of its specific social platform.

Since the time marketers started advertising a lot, people have tried to avoid the advertisements.

Why, you are probably asking yourself?

Because around 99% of the time, it’s not really relevant to them at that point in time. It's like walking through the mall, and you pass by 95% of the stores because your focus is on something different from what they offer. The same is true online as well.

To really knock this point home – What kid wants to see a roadside billboard about adult diapers? None that I am aware of.

Marketers need to be sneakier with PPC advertising.

Thanks to the way social platforms use targeting, you can rest assure that the right visitors see your ads.

A major resource is AdEspresso. This company offers software that lies on the topside of Facebook’s ad manager.

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The blog is where all of the good stuff is hidden. Here's a guide to Facebook Ads for beginners, and it’s a perfect starting point for anyone not understanding this software and how to use it fully.

You'll find below some great content that will help you start with Facebook Ad strategies.

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