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Now we have talked about Affiliate Marketing, BUT… As taught before in this tutorial, visitors don't usually buy from a person or brand they haven't heard of before.

Now, I'm not saying that visitors won't buy from you the first time, because that does happen a lot. The majority of your visitors usually need to know you and your brand better. This can happen by building a relationship with them in certain ways so that they can learn to trust you and your brand.

This is where Email Marketing comes into play.

Email Marketing & Auto-Responders 2

What I do is simply put my ads out there, then instead of linking the ad to my Affiliate product page, I link that ad so that my visitors that click that ad are sent to what marketers call a Sales Funnel or Opt-in Page. Here it gives me a chance to grab their name & email address and send that info to my auto-responder where it saves that information in a database (All of which is very easy to do and is automated). This way you are building a very valuable list of possible customer's that have shown interest but yet may not have converted yet.

Now, an auto-responder is a service marketers use to keep the email list they have built. The main function of it is to do what we call Drip on the interested visitor with follow-up emails that are pre-designed by you (Again, very simple process). This just means that it will send these interested visitors emails based upon the time's and day's you preset it for.

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So actually, a visitor likes the ad they see, clicks on it and then is sent to an Opt-in page or funnel where they put their name & email address, which in turn gets saved in the auto-responder's database. Then emails start going out to these interested visitors daily, or ever how you have yours set up, until they either Opt Out of the email list, or click on your affiliate link, which you put in each email, to that product, service or video you are promoting. This just allows time to build a relationship with the interested visitor until they feel comfortable enough to actually convert to a customer.

It is a proven fact that usually it takes around 7 – 12 contacts or emails to get that interested visitor to take action. The great thing about the Auto-responder is that you just design the emails once, and it does the rest of the follow-ups for you automatically.

You can search and find tons of articles online on the subject of “how to write great follow-up emails”.

Email Marketing really is all about building a relationship and trust with your interested visitors so that they grow to trust you and your brand.

Email Marketing will usually always win over social media platforms, especially when it comes to personal touch and just being real. Proven fact that you’re 40 times more likely to get new customer's by way of email than through social media.

One great thing about Emails & Auto-responders is that, the contacting and relationship building keeps on growing and growing, even if it takes a year, and people rarely change their email address because it's a pain. That puts an email address up there on the valuable pieces of information to own.

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Email Marketing is a must for any company. With it in full force, it can build customers and sales without even paying any advertising cost.

Personalization is a huge factor when it involves a successful email marketing campaign. Which would get your attention faster? Hi There or Hi There Sam… People like to hear their name and the fact that you have remembered it. You all info you have on that interested visitor to personalize emails.

Emails that are personalized bring a higher open & conversion rate when you put them up against just plan emails with no personalization.

See below for just one of my auto-responder emails that gets sent 1st after an interested visitor Opts In to my Email Marketing List. You'll notice the {Name} after Hi There, this is the snippet of code that puts every visitor's name, that they gave when opting in to our list, in this place.

Email Marketing & Auto-Responders 5

Hi There {Name}…

Please do not ignore this email. I know you probably get SO MANY of these about business Opportunities, but I am only asking you to give me a chance to show you something that seriously can help you change the course of your financial future, starting today.

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One more thing…

If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a quick second to share a little more about my story with you:

In 2001, I began this feverish search for some sort of way to make an income with an online business (really no idea what I was looking for or who to trust).

I spent YEARS floundering around trying this system and that… buying just about every “online business course” you can think of. I couldn't hold down Job's because of the PTSD & Mental Disorders I have and all the Medications I take (Yes, from serving), even though I have tried.

Unlike others out here, I really just don't believe in Job's! I believe they should be used as a stepping stool to teach you skills, or to just get you by for a moment until you can do something with those skills on your own, in your own business. I don't believe in making others wealthy and you barely making it – It has never set well with me in my heart and mind.

Saying it was rough doesn't really do it justice.

I would stay up late into the night and wake up brutally early before work, just slaving away looking for that one SECRET that only SOME online found that made them do so well in their online business.

This Tormented me for YEARS!!!

I wasn't only miserable, but Angry, Upset all the time, had major Attitude Issues that even the medications couldn't suppress. Being a Veteran of the Marine Corps & Army both I really thought I could overcome anything.


I felt I was just doomed to failure and would never find the break through I had been so craving for down deep. I wanted to feel Success and Life again, Instead of this BIG Black Hole of Nothing, No Hope, Desire, Future or Energy.


But I was DESPERATE… Find out what I did in the next email.

Talk soon,


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Finally, I want to thank you for taking your time today to read my post, Allen.

By Allen

Born in Spartanburg, SC, moved to GA for a while as a little kid. Once around 8, my family moved to Kings Mountain, NC, then to Shelby, NC where I graduated and left for the Marine Corps. After getting out I lived in the Greer, Greenville, SC area for 20+ years. I began copywriting and building websites for larger companies and gave it a break. I've been back involved with my business now for the last 10 years, working to stay up on my knowledge of the internet and how fast it was changing. Furthermore, I'm skilled at many things in the Digital Marketing area but love Social Media Management & Blogging/Copywriting.

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