How To Get More Email Subscribers

Follow-up email campaigns are the power behind a winning email marketing strategy.

Follow-up or Drip campaigns (Follow-up emails are sent by Auto-responders that we spoke about under the Email Marketing section) are nothing more than automated emails that follow-up with users who just haven't responded yet.

Here's an example, take a interested optin visitor that's on your email database and doesn’t open or respond to the 1st email response letter where you are promoting your offer. You can attempt to reconnect with them a 2nd time using a different email (yes, already pre-designed as well), and this goes on and on every how often you have the Auto-responder set up to send the next email in the sequence. This way, instead of pushing your product or service on them, you have a chance to build a relationship with them and tell them some of your story or maybe ask questions and get answers based from those questions. This builds trust and brand awareness.

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It's pretty much just like remarketing, where the interested visitor has now been offered another chance to convert over to a customer. Don't forget that you are going to set these emails up so that they are all personalized to have the interested visitors name inserted through out the whole email. Don't worry, this is extremely simple to do, and the Auto-responder system you choose to use, will show you how.

Start creating an awesome drip follow-up email campaign today with this guide…

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