Why You Need A Content Marketing Plan (And How To Build One)

Why Have A Content Marketing Plan

Any business that wants to succeed online needs a content marketing plan. That's because content marketing is still all about SEO. By creating and distributing high-quality content, businesses can attract more traffic from search engines and build authority with their audiences. This process can lead to higher search engine rankings, more website visitors, and improved sales.

Of course, content marketing is also an excellent way to build relationships with customers and create loyalty among fans. Businesses can create a rapport long after the sale is complete by giving customers the information they need. Content marketing is necessary for any business that wants to succeed in today's competitive online landscape.

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Google states, content is one of two top ranking factors. The better the content you create, the better the chances of new visitors and leads from organic searches.

Simply put, if you’re starting a SEO marketing plan, then you need content. The only way people will discover your website by way of organic searches is through very rich content.

Example, if you are a Dog Groomer with no brand presence, you are going to need valuable content, about dog grooming, that visitors are going to be searching for to drive traffic to your website.

Why not publish some content about “The Top 5 Things to Know When Getting Your Dog Groomed”. Content like this drives traffic to your website that is free.

HubSpot states, people that post 16 or more content pieces a month drives more traffic to their website than those people that don’t:

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Posting 16 or more times a month not only drives visitors to your website, but also greatly increases the amount of leads you possibly gain.

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The more content you have out there, the more indexed pages you will have on search engines. Put the two together, and you have just increased your chances that visitors will come to your website:

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Content Marketing is a major factor to incredible SEO plans.

You can optimize your website pages all you want, but that doesn't work when it comes to bringing in visitors.

Content marketing is a major way to pulling in visitors who haven’t ever heard your name. Besides, the ROI of Content Marketing is very huge.

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In the chart above, it shows that the costs per lead drops by up to 80% given time.

While Content Marketing isn’t meant to be a success overnight, like PPC could be, no other tactics can equal to its long-term goal.

Even though results could take a little time, the over all costs are cheaper than paying for visitors.

HubSpot’s State of Inbound report shows that online marketers are focusing a lot on increasing their organic presence through creating rich content.

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Content Marketing still is the main focus for most businesses trying to come up with more customers.

What if your not into blogging? Well, you don’t really have to. Here's the different types of Content Marketing and how they can be used with your business strategies.

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