Learn The Proven Methods For Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing really is very confused with so many other things online today. People think it's a pyramid scheme, network marketing or even something illegal.

Really in a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is nothing more than finding a product or service you wish to promote, and that company has an Affiliate program set up, and the more you spread the word about it through ads, social media, websites, blogs – every how, then as sales are made (Not by you), you earn a nice commission check from it. The more you promote the item, the more potential commission checks you could make.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you don't have to buy products, stock them, ship them, sell them or even calculate up every dime you make, as the Affiliate or company that owns the product does all of this for you. You promote, the company sells the traffic you send their way, you get paid.

Now, to be blunt, yes this does take a lot of effort at first for a while to get up and running and getting your ads out, so much so that it can be maintained with just a few hours a week. This is what we refer to as reaching the point of passive income.

The concept of passive income is really where you earn an income over and over again, after putting in a lot of work up front, without constantly working for it.

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If you take the time to learn this High Income Skill, then it will, at some point, become your largest asset and income source.

Amazon Prime is a great example of an affiliate that you can promote their goods and get paid to do so, over and over again. As each customer returns to Amazon to buy again, within a certain period of time, they are linked to your Affiliate ID # – so you will get credit on sales you didn't promote.

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Once you're in that company's website as an Affiliate, you'll find you can copy a unique link for every product page. In your ad, or blog, or content, you can just paste that link in the document, or put a Hyperlink to it, so the text visitors read look nice, and when that visitor clicks on your content, they are carried to the very product they were interested in on the Amazon website. If that visitor converts to a customer by buying that product, then you get paid some commission from this.

The most popular way to push affiliate traffic, so you can get paid, is by way of creating content based on these products, then post in blogs and on social media everywhere. Just make sure that in the description you place your affiliate link leading to this product.

Another way is what is called Product Reviews. You simply buy the product and then video a very short 30-second video of you opening it, putting it together and tell a few features you like and show yourself enjoying that product. Then, post it all over social media with a link below, linking to that product through your affiliate link. Powerful way to showcase a product.

When Starting a Side Hustle Business Online

When starting your business online, the most crucial factor determining your success or failure is your ability to market yourself.

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