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Want To Increase Your Leads? Track Your Blog Traffic With Analytics.

When running a leads-based affiliate program, you will always use cookies to track your visitors' actions.


A cookie is inserted in their browser whenever your visitor clicks on your unique affiliate link.


This cookie allows you to track what actions the visitor takes on your site and any other site in your affiliate program.


If the visitor completes a lead form or purchases a product, you will be able to see this in your reports.


In addition, cookies will also allow you to track how much each visitor is worth to your affiliate program.


By understanding which activities generate the most leads and sales, you can adjust your marketing strategies to maximize your results.

How Leads Convert To Income For You.

When a merchant makes a qualified transaction, they can record this action and attribute it to you as an affiliate.


This recorded action allows the merchant to make a payout to you for the leads.


For an effort to be considered qualified, it must meet specific criteria set forth by the program.


For example, the action may need a sale or a lead form submission.


Leads are defined as potential customers interested in the merchant's products or services.


Merchants use different methods to generate leads, such as providing free content on their website or running ads.


When a lead completes a qualified action, the merchant records this action and attributes it to the affiliate who brought them the leads.


The merchant then makes a payout to the affiliate based on the terms of the program.

Track Leads That Goes To Your Own Affiliate Content As Well.

Track Leads That Go To Your Own Affiliate Content As Well

Any good affiliate marketing strategy should involve keeping track of the content you produce and promoting the most popular items to your audience.


This tracking will help you increase your leads, showing you what content resonates best with your audience.


Knowing what content pulls traffic is valuable information that can generate future content ideas and focus your affiliate marketing efforts.


There are several ways to track the performance of your affiliate content.


One method is to use Google Analytics to see which pages receive the most traffic.


Another option is to use a WordPress plugin like AffiliateWP to see which links generate the most clicks.


By understanding what content performs well, you can focus your efforts on creating similar content in the future, increasing your chances of success.

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