3 Secrets To Making Money With Affiliate Marketing - Banner Ads.

An All To Guide To Using Banner Ads

Banner Ads are a significant key to success in any promotional website, including affiliate marketing.


You may be thinking that you know everything there is to affiliate marketing by now.


But the truth of how successful your campaign will depend mainly on what promotional methods are used.


When you want to get your message across but don't know how or where do ads work?


You're not alone!


It can be an overwhelming process for new marketers.


Luckily, some tried-and accurate methods have been proven time after again – even when they seemed like a bad idea.


You can increase your visibility by using banner ads or display advertising.


These creative advertisement methods create a vital visual aspect in marketing that will help you be successful!


You can increase your visibility by using banner ads or display advertising.


These creative advertisement methods create a vital visual aspect in marketing that will help you be successful!


This article will discuss a few solid points that point to the importance of using banner ads for affiliate marketing.


Then we will give you three proven methods you can use to utilize these banner ads effectively.


So, let’s get rolling here.

Banner Ads: An Untapped Gold Mine For Affiliate Marketers.

Banner Ads - The Untapped Gold Mine For Affiliate Marketers.

Banner ads are a well-known, top-and-side advertising technique used by online businesses.


Usually placed at the site's header or footer area to attract attention from potential customers as they browse through your website for goods/services offered thereon – you could be competition.


When used correctly, display advertising can be an effective tool for both new and experienced marketers.


It has the power to attract attention from potential customers and generate leads with its persuasive nature that makes them feel like they need what you’re promoting.


One great thing about using this type of banner ads campaign is how easy it will likely make your life when coming up with creative ideas – because there are already so many options available at our fingertips.


The fast-paced world we live in today leaves people craving for information, which is why text-based ads have become less effective than banner ones.


The benefits of using images in your content are immense.


You can use them across various platforms such as websites, blog posts, and social media updates without any problem.

3 Tips To Make Money From Banner Ads.

Make your banner ads stand out with these secret tips.

1. The Design Of Your Banner Should Be Simple & Direct, Not Complex.

Simple & Direct Banner Ad

The title should be clear; the CTA is imperative for conversion and branding purposes – it's what makes you stand out from your competitors.


Your logo will represent all that is great about your business, while also helping people identify with its aesthetic.


Finally, text information such as pricing or contact info can help users get more acquainted before making a purchase decision.


Making your advertisements concise and straightforward will help in acquiring more sales.


When people are looking at your advertisement online, you have a concise time window in which the ad must make its point, or it won't be memorable for them – so keep things brief.


Studies show that clear, simple designs better get your message across.


They also make you seem more professional and trustworthy to potential customers!


Allow me to share a few tips with you dealing with this subject.

Just Have A Few Banner Elements

I recommend including just five elements.

  • Background Image or Picture that draws attention and makes a statement in reference to what your banner will be stating.

  • A high ranking title line that makes people want to click the banner.  

  • The text information should be as short & direct as possible, but still able to get a point across

  • A simple Call to Action (CTA) button placed on the banner ad.

  • Make sure you put your logo on the banner ad as well, so it represents you.

Use A Strong CTA.

From the Text & Button, you are going to need your CTA to be simple, direct, and bold, after all, this is the purpose of the Banner Ad to start with.

It is essential to ask yourself if an element will help sell your product before adding it to the advertisement.


If not, leave that part out, and you'll still be able to effectively get across what's happening in any scene.

2. Tips For Selecting Images That Represents Your Brand.

Tips For Selecting Images That Represent Your Brand

Inconsistent branding can be a massive turn-off for customers.


Make sure all the elements in your banner ads are focused on promoting and enhancing your company name, not just random images that might appear there one day.


You can use images representing your brand to make it more consistent and recognizable.


A well-chosen image is a powerful thing.


It helps your brand seem credible and professional, especially when paired with the correct text to form a compelling message or call-to-action button on social media posts, for increased conversions.


The task of selecting the best from amongst seemingly endless possibilities can, at first glance, feel overwhelming, but don't worry; here are some recommended tips:

  • Your Consistency Has To Be Maintained.

    Incorporate the colors and font styles used in your branding to make it stand out.


  • Give A Lot Of Thought To Your Style.

The way you use images on your website can help to improve your branding.


For example, suppose all your banner ads are displayed prominently and used consistently.


In that case, users will get acquainted with the style of the content found online, making them more likely to want whatever product or service your business offers in future campaigns.

You can decide how to incorporate images.


For example, you might forego using background scenery and instead provide your logo or other visuals like color schemes to make it more personal for each customer.


This method is a great way to make your brand stand out from the competition.


In addition, it's much easier for someone who may be scrolling through Facebook on their phone or computer screen, as they won't have any other distractions around them at this point but you.

3. The Best Places To Put Banner Ads On Your Website.

The Best Places To Put Ads On Your Website.

The banner advertisements on your website can be found in many places, like the header and sidebar.


It's essential to get a good location for your banner ads so that potential customers see them.


You can use the Google map feature on AdWords, which shows where certain places are located in relation (or proximity) to other locations and whether there is an audience waiting at each one.


You can use a few techniques to ensure that the best spots on your site for ads and logos will also work well with other design features.


One way is by checking which locations would have an eye-catching effect without competing against anything else in particular—the header often makes perfect sense as one such choice.


There's more than just sheer aesthetics at play here: remember how important it was mentioned earlier?


When designing ad copy or images specifically tailored towards advertisers' needs (i.e., things like pricing), consider whether they'll click the banner ads or not.

  • Let Your Banner Ads Shine.

You can use this space to brand your company or advertise special deals, but do not overdo it!


The top of the page is one place where Google looks for important keywords, so don't clutter up these areas with anything unnecessary.


  • Heatmaps Work Great On Placement Improvements.

Heatmaps allow you to see exactly where visitors most engage with your website.


A good, free tool that can help create these visual representations is Aurora Heat Map for WordPress.


Aurora helps track the behavior and movements on web pages in real-time.


Hence, marketers have an accurate picture of what actions drive traffic towards their sites or apps without having any additional resources invested into tracking this themselves.

Affiliates can help increase the number of visitors to your program by displaying ads on their website.


You should provide them with banners and other tools so that this happens.


Please give them the tools to complete their work, including heat map plugins.


Share with business associates anything that will help them grow your business.

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